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  Become a weightlifting olympian for the day

KNOXVILLE - USA Weightlifting (USA-W) has declared April 14, 2018 as National “Try Weightlifting Day”. Sanctioned Weightlifting clubs will open their doors to people of all ages, body types, and experience levels to allow athletes to learn why Olympic Weightlifting is beneficial for athleticism and a healthy life. Weightlifting became an Olympic event in 1920, and consists of two competition lifts: the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. Both attempt to move a barbell from the floor to overhead.

Weightlifting training has been shown to improve explosive power, strength, stability, balance, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, and mental tenacity. It is used by nearly all strength and conditioning athletic programs to develop their athletes, regardless of the sport specific application. Additionally, according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research [Hamil, B. et al, 1994], Olympic Weightlifting was at the bottom of the list of Sports Injuries. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and even cheerleading saw more injuries than Olympic Weightlifting in their study. Many suggest that Weightlifting actually makes the body more resilient to injury, as it adapts to handling heavy weights.

TriStar Weightlifting, a USA-W sanctioned club is excited to open their doors to share their passion with Knoxville locals for a day. “People don’t realize just how transferrable Weightlifting is, even to everyday life” says Coach Matthew Dembo. “I enjoy seeing how Weightlifting gives our athletes an opportunity to grow as an individual with the support of their team. They learn how to handle failure, how to control their mind and body, and develop confidence by accomplishment. I see them apply these lessons not only in the gym, but also to their everyday life. Not to mention they become stronger, healthier individuals with more energy. I feel that Weightlifting just increases quality of life across the board.”

Collegiate level pole vaulter Ofelia Carmichael learned the technicalities of the Olympic Lifts from TriStar Weightlifting. She has been training with them for about a year now, and has already qualified as a National Level Weightlifter and received sponsorship. “Where I’m at now versus where I was as a collegiate athlete is why I am so passionate about what Weightlifting can offer to athletes in any sport. I’m the most athletic and fittest that I have ever been in my life as a result of this training. The lifts teach you how to maintain control while being fast and explosive, and from a pole vault perspective, those are crucial components to make the vault work.

Weightlifting is also the most fun I’ve had in any sport I have competed in. As a female, I love that I get the opportunity to break down barriers and reformulate what being a strong female is. There is something very empowering about knowing that my body can do these kinds of things, and it is rewarding to see the surprise other people show when they see what I’m capable of.

Weightlifting may be an individual sport, but the support and hype that I get from my teammates in training is next to none. Even in competition, there is such a respect for the sport among lifters. While we are all competing against each other, everyone still finds the dignity to be supportive and celebrates the successes of one another.”

TriStar Weightlifting is located at 1412 N Sixth Ave, Knoxville TN.

TriStar Weightlifting is a Weightlifting Team in Knoxville, TN. The purpose of TriStar Weightlifting is to share their love of Weightlifting with individuals intending to compete as athletes in any sport, or novices looking for something fun to do as a way to get in shape. Their coaches have spent time learning in person from other well-respected figures in the business, including Bob Takano, Jim Schmitz, Chris Duffin, and Julien Pineau. TriStar Weightlifting is a USA-W sanctioned club, has produced National level competitors, and has secured sponsorship for some of their athletes. For more information, visit their website rockytopcrossfit.com/programs/tristar-weightlifting or send an email to tristarweightlifting@gmail.com.

Published March 19, 2018

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