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Travel photography: It’s a matter of perspective
By Tom Adkinson

new york
Looking up; image by Tom Adkinson.

NEW YORK – Experienced travel photographers are quick to tell you not to be shy when looking for a good angle, not even if it means lying down flat on your back in the middle of Manhattan, as this tourist was doing to get a distinctive skyscraper image. Photography teachers preach about seeking a different perspective, even only slightly different, especially when shooting a location that everyone already knows or is predictble.

new york skyscraper
New York skyscraper; image by Tom Adkinson.

You’ll also hear travel photographers talk about the Golden Hour, the fleeting minutes at sunrise and sunset when the sun’s rays are warm and golden. Shooting in the Golden Hour is difficult if you like to sleep late or enjoy happy hour, but you often are rewarded for changing your behavior. Some photographers also mention the Blue Hour, the minutes after sunset when the sun is just below the horizon and a beautiful blue hue results. This often is prime time to capture a memorable cityscape image.

An additional tip: In the age of digital photography, shoot a lot. The ones and zeros held on your camera’s memory card cost next to nothing, especially compared to the old days of film.

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Published May 3, 2019

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