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CDET calls for immediate actions in response to investigation of juvenile center
Published November 17, 2023; 9:37 p.m.

KNOXVILLE - After an investigation by ProPublica & Nashville Public Radio, it was found that The Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center has been punishing kids with seclusion more than any other facility in Tennessee. And as the laws and rules on how to treat kids changed, the facility failed to keep up.

The Community Defense of East Tennessee (CDET) is disgusted yet not surprised by the findings of ProPublica’s reporting, and by the impunity and pride expressed by Richard L. Bean.

In addition to ProPublica’s investigation, CDET knows that children have been shackled in video court and food withheld as a form of punishment.

“Bean doesn’t seem to worry too much about getting caught.”

“If I got in trouble for it, I believe I could talk to whoever got me in trouble and get out of it.

This shows he operates with a sense of impunity to the torture of children.

We believe the mistreatment of children is an unequivocal violation of fundamental human rights and the principles that form the foundation of our community. It is a distressing reality that should not only be universally condemned but actively addressed with urgency and compassion.

We wish to live in a world where children are not treated in an abhorrent way, and are not exploited for profit.

The State of Tennessee has allowed this to happen with impunity, not only in Knox County but also in Rutherford County, where Juvenile Judge Donna Scott Davenport was allowed to retire after inflicting cruelty and traumatizing an entire generation of children.

We express NO CONFIDENCE in Tennessee’s authorities to address this fairly. Personal connections and conflicts hinder the fair investigation of these systemic issues.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – led by David Rausch, who served 25 years in the Knoxville Police Department- is not the appropriate agency to conduct a fair investigation.

CDET calls for:
*Immediate shutdown of the facility and for it to be replaced with restorative solutions.

*An outside investigation of every government agency and individual aware of poor conditions at the Detention Center and who enabled this mistreatment.

*Statewide investigation of all juvenile facilities.

"Shared commitment to the well-being of the next generation should transcend political, cultural, and social boundaries," said a CDET spokesperson.

"Rather than sensationalizing or celebrating such deplorable acts through media outlets, we must unite as a local community to ensure the safety, dignity, and nurturing environment every child deserves."

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